For exterior flooring, a brick-like stone is used which is known as a paver. These small pieces are interlinked, which is for a system that is super flexible, long-lasting and durable. When it comes to style, nothing can beat pavers, they are super stylish and enhance the beauty of the place where they are used.

It is the understood fact that pavers Melbourne need a little bit more care than ordinary flooring materials. If you do not choose a sealer then the joints of pavers may cause a problem for you, because pavers are made of single interlink stones. To get the best results. It is much more important to work with the right company. If you work with any cheap company just to save your little amount, then this act will take away your dreams.

 You will always have a perfect finished and beautiful paving at your home or any other place. Paver provides you, the faculty, that if a single stone is damaged you just need to replace that single Piece because of interlink technology. It is a much cheaper than to change the whole flooring.

Difference between pavers and bricks

Pavers are thin and flat stones specially designed to use in paving projects. Pavers are preferable to use in patios, swimming pools, walkaway, decks, step, and driveways. The installation method of both brick and concrete Paver is similar and both are long-lasting and durable.

It depends on your taste and requirement to choose either brick or pavers. Bricks cannot bear too much stress and pressure; an excessive amount of load or stress may result in the breakage of a brick whereas pavers are very strong and have high resistance to load and stress. The plus point of bricks is they require less amount of Maintenance then the Paver.

Types of pavers:

Pavers have multiple types including:

Brick paver

Clay pavers are used for designing surfaces for centuries. In old-time bricks were used more than the paver. The brick paver is made by baking molded clay into kiln and then leave to set for a pretty long time on a sand base. Brick pavers have a wide range of colors and can be extremely, firm in many patterns. They have very good texture and characteristics that is why they are an ideal alternative to concrete.

Concrete Paver

Concrete pavers are available in several shapes and designs. One of the most famous paving options for flooring driveways and roadways is concrete pavers. Concrete paver provides you allot of choices for colors, size, texture and even thickness. You can choose a concrete Paver according to your desires and requirement. Concrete paver offers a more natural look and provides more finishing with fewer efforts. 

Bluestone pavers

Bluestone paver is a culture name given to bustle; bluestone pavers Geelong is obtained by cooling down igniting lava. Bluestone paver is versatile that’s why it is suitable and preferable for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Bluestone paver has high resistance to slip and moisture that’s why it is suitable to use in swimming pools and bathrooms.