You are planning your weekend to spend ocean rafting or sailing, this means in Australia, the first place that will be coming to your mind is Whitsundays. But Whitsundays is not like a weekend destination where you can reach after a two-hour drive, if you need to save your time then you have to go by flight and if you want to complete an experience than one day will be short. It means you have to plan a trip for 2-3 days if you are planning this trip why to go alone. Plan it out with your friends. That will give you a real good time as you will be with your friend. As know you will be a group of people travelling together, you can get certain benefits. For example, the first thing you can do to get the group accommodation. This simple change in your plan will seem like an up-gradation because when travelling on the group or with friends, the group accommodation airlie beach qld is the ideal solution and there are reasons for that;

More Space: At Whitsundays, there are many hotels or accommodation provider that have dedicated units for the group. These units have more covered area and other facilities keeping in mind the greater number of people. This means if you opt for group accommodation instead of single rooms for every member, you will be able to get more combined space. That provides an opportunity to spend more together not only outdoor but indoor too. In a way, all people in the group have more space in less amount of money. Whenever you are on a trip especially to a place like Whitsundays, you want to feel the same openness in your accommodation, that you will outdoor.

Saves Money: Think you are a group of 5 people and you all get accommodation in a hotel, separate or double rooms. This means you will be paying rent for all these rooms. But when you opt for group accommodation, you can get the same or more space for lesser money. Because here you will be paying rent for a single living space for five people. Every hotel or accommodation provider always offer better prices for more place when they opt to live together. For 3 days, a group can save a significant amount of money that they can spend on the additional activity. Why spend more on accommodation at Whitsundays, where you have to spend more time on outdoor activities rather than indoor.

Package Deals: For example, you are booking sailing tours with a Tour company, for the group. They offer good prices for group accommodation and also for other activities at whitsunday jetski tours. If you are booking your sailing tour via touring company, then try to opt for group accommodation, it is easy for them to arrange and manage, they can offer you a better price on the whole deal because you have opted for the economical accommodation option.