These days where the average height of a building is 20 stories, which means that on average the normal building is always taller than 20 stories now imagine this tall building standing in the middle of the city where wind is yet another factor which can create hindrance (and can act as a pressure for the building). Anyways, foundation here plays an enormous role in the stability of the building of course the foundation of the building is the core for everything, foundation could be made of anything whether concrete (the most commonly used) then comes the steel foundation (which is used usually for taller building) then comes concrete plus steel foundation concrete. This is something which gigantic buildings are using these days. Steel foundation is considered as the most solid and stable foundation amongst all, there are different types of foundations in steel: shallow foundation and deep foundation let’s roll on to the description of the two mentioned types of steel foundation:

Shallow foundations: shallow foundation doesn’t mean they are weaker than deep foundation, shallow is just the name of the foundation which means that a pillar which is hollow from inside is and after erecting it on the ground, the technicians fill it with concrete and stones inside to make it a complete strong pole below the foundation of the building. Furthermore, there are other options too through which one can make a shallow foundation strong. Among shallow foundations there are strip, raft and combined too.

Deep foundations:  then comes the type which is deep foundations, under this category steel pillars are drilled deeply down inside the ground to make it solid and totally unbearable. This is something which doesn’t require any filling of concrete or anything else. This is something already prepared, there are some technicalities involved too in this type of foundation, such footing type distributes the weight and allows better strength among the pillars of the building.

There are so many other technologies involved these days which are allowing people to understand the science and mantra of construction. To understand the science of foundations there are mat or raft foundations too, which allows better strength and foundation for the building construction. In addition to this, soil filling and stones fillings are a value addition which reduces the possibility of earthquake and restricts the flow of water inside the foundations (which is one of the most important aspect in any construction). Nowadays people are more concerned about the safety of the foundations and building constructions because of changing quality of the building materials and construction materials. Hence the foundation plays a vital role in the construction business and nobody can ignore the significance of it.